I Interned with WAGIC INC. as a concept designer for an organization called Camp Bizsmart. I worked with kids aged 11-14 on making their concepts a tangible rendering. I learned a lot about working with clients and making sure that I deliver something that they truly love.


This is a project in collaboration with a company called Enflux. They specialize in body sensors that track movement. The concept for this product was a sticker that the user could place on any of their joints and monitor their movement to aid recovery during physical therapy.

This design was a collaboration with Netflix. The immerse headset is a VR made of batiste fabric which allows the headset to be very comfortable and extremely lightweight. The immerse headset is meant to push the user 'Beyond Reality'


This concept is a collaboration with the Tennessee Aquarium Conservation Institute and the product is called the Aquaffine. The Aquaffine is a small affordable water quality testing device for aquariums and small research teams.